I have been a photographer for over twenty years. During that time I have progressed from hobbyist to professional, from film to digital, and from student to instructor. I’m still a student, though – the learning process, both technical and creative, never ends.

My specialty is sports action photography. My adrenalin rush comes not from playing the game but from the desire to capture it, to record the key moments, and to highlight the action, the intensity, and the emotion. I’m at my peak when I’m photographing the athletes, the dancers, and the performers at theirs.

On occasion I seek a change of pace - a change of scenery, an escape, solitude, solace - with other genres. I’ve been known to dip my photographic toe into the waters of the documentary, landscape, nature and even fine-art pools. Sometimes it’s simply to ripple the surface, and sometimes it’s to ride the waves. But I’m not a generalist (and I don’t do portraits, or pets, or especially weddings, so please don’t ask).

I’m a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, where I earned a left-brained degree that has absolutely no bearing on, and is in perpetual conflict with, my right-brained endeavours. I’ve worked in several fields but none, with the exception of photography and teaching, have ever provided me with any true sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

When I’m not making photographs you can probably find me chasing my kids, or sunsets, or both. And, you can usually find me in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.